Colorfull Palm sugar steam spongecake

Actually, i want to make this kind of steam sponge since @ditut  put her photo of modified Palm sugar steam sponge on twiter. When she said that she was got the recipe from the NCC mailing list,i’m opened my mail and  found the original recipe of Palm sugar steam sponge cake.

Glad that i live in Jakarta,Indonesia where the palm sugar were very cheap and easy to get, while @ditut said that it’s very expensive in Kuwait, where she lives.

After a few weeks keeping the recipe, today i try to made one. While preparing adib’s school snack, i make the palm sugar syrups.Then just let it cool so i can get to work, cause i’m going home earlier today 😀

I made half recipe and it Work! Honestly this is my first time made success of steam sponge cake on cup. I’m always failed before, but after reading some comment about this easy blossom of steam sponge cake, i’m willing to try it.

Palm Sugar Steam Sponge Cake
recipe from NCC mailing list

1 large egg
40gr homemade brown sugar
1/2 tsp baking soda
1/2 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp emulsifier
250gr all purpose flour
125ml vegetable oil
200gr Palm sugar
200ml water
Any kind color or topping you like

How to:
1. Make the simple Palm sugar syrup by boiling the water with palm sugar. Strain the mixture and let it cool.
2. Prepare the Steamer with enough water and steam before you put the ready-to-steam batter. To avoid the steam touching the batter while steaming, you can use any kind of cloth on the steamer cover.
3. Using a mixer, mix egg, brown sugar, emulsifier, baking soda and baking powder, mix until well combine.
4. Add Palm sugar syrup alternate between flour and vegetable oil, mix until well combine with low speed mixer.
5. Divide the batter into 3 portion, add color as you like, mix well.
6. Pour the batter to steam cup with a baking paper inside, 3/4 cup full.If you wanna make a colorful steam spongecake, you can pour the colorful batter at 2 or 3 color at one cup.
7. Steam for 20-25 minutes

For afternoon tea time, or breakfast , soft & yummy 🙂

..:: diah Re ::..

  1. like like like kabita… =p~

    • Dita
    • May 12th, 2011

    Ahuuyyy!!! Ngakakk!!!! Selamat uda menaklukkan bolkus. Cakep bolkusnya.

    • Makaaasi mak. Kalo ga karena testimoninya,males bgt nyobain bolkus. Ga pernah ngakak nyobain dari dulu 😀

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