Cheesy “Colourfull” chicken

I Love “I can cook” tv program on Cbeebies. Just like what I & adib were making a few weeks before. Last night, when two of us watching cbeebies, it just the right time when “I can cook” were playing. And it shows about Cheesy chicken, a simple but lovely meal for kids.

Suddenly, in the middle of the show, adib asked me to make it for school’s snack. Since I have all the ingredients, I’m agree with him 🙂 .It’s not our first time making meal after watching the “I can Cook” show, we already made Banana Bread pudding before.

Making alone, because adib not wake up yet, it super duper easy meal. You can make with your kids. When adib wake up, I’ve just start to bake it, and he really happy to see those red 7 green paper.

Cheesy chicken

2 chery tomato, well chopped
2 Pepper (Paprika)
Quater part of Chicken
4 Shirmp
1 clove garlic, well chopped
Salt & pepper
Grated Mozzarella cheese
Grated Cheddar cheese

How to :
1. In a hot boiling water, add Garlic, salt and pepper, stir then add Chicken & shrimp for 5 minutes. Chopped chicken & shrimp, set aside.
2. Cut the Paprika into 2 pieces and leave the seeds aside.
3. Put Tomato inside the paprika, then add salt & pepper. Afterward, add Chicken & shrimp. Then spread over the mozzarella cheese on top of it, add some Cheddar cheese.
4. Bake for 15-20 minutes on 170dC.

For adib’s school snack, as requested. I added Some bake bread stick, and just called him, He said that He Love today’s meal, and He want more with another orange pepper just like what He saw on the show. Next time my son!

While baking the Cheesy chicken, I’m preparing for our lunch, Sweet stir-fried beef for adib, and add some red hot pepper for me 🙂  . We called it “Oseng-oseng mercon” or stir-fried beef with chili peppers, when the sauce touch your tongue ,you will fell the sensation of a firework blew out on your mouth. Just prepare some tissue and hot drink 😀

When the Cheesy chicken all done, I taste it, and it very delicious. Really love a simple food with a great taste! You can use the colourfull Paprika pepper, and your kids will love it!

..:: diah Re ::..

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