Fishing time! Milky Steamed (cup)cakes as our snacks.

It’s a long weekend last week, as Tuesday were holiday. But since we already take a long leave a week ago due to our lovely Papa has passed away.

Papa leave us forever at 5 may 2011, in Suddenly at 5:00 AM. Ayah, me , Adib & om Angga (adib’s uncle) plan to go home at 6:00 AM flight, but by the time we open our gate house, we’ve got called that Papa already passed away. Unfortunatelly, we can’t meet Papa before 😦 Al fatihah for you Papa, may you peace in Allah’s heaven. Amien.

Back to our last weekend holiday,Just stay at home from saturday, then at thuesday, Ayah suddenly want to go fishing! Looking some fishing place’s references, we decided to go to Pasir Mukti. How lucky we are, Om Angga, who has just landed at monday’s night want to join us 🙂

At 7:00 AM, we went to Pasir Mukti, it takes 40 minutes, but enjoy the view after exit Toll Gate Citeruep and just follow the Pair Mukti’s sign board.

Welcome to a refreshing place at the morning, that’s what we feel at the first time entering this resort. Adib was so excited!

I make Fried veggie as we called “Bala-bala” and Another version of steam spongecakes which different than what i made before.

And this is my Milky version of steam spongecake. It’s healthier than before because not using any kind of baking powder or baking soda. Got the recipe for Mailing list NCC.

Milky steam spongecake

250gr flour
200ml milk
150gr granulated sugar
2 large eggs
1tsp emulsifier
50gr choco chips

How to:
1. Mix all the ingridients except the choco chips in a large mixing bowl about 30 minutes until soft & thick.
2. Add choco chips, Fully pour into muffin’s tray with a percament paper inside.
3. Steam for 20 minutes on a hot boiling water.

We’ve got 4 Bramidae fishes after 3 hours fishing 😀 Yeah! I guess it’s easy to fishing, but….  We try to move to other fishing pool, but didn’t get any fish at the second pools, it’s not our lucky days after all, but Alhamdulillah , 4 fishes are enough for us 🙂

For me, Fishing is kind a boring activities, so we decided to play at the Outbound of Pasir Mukti facilities. So many facilities that kids can play, And one thing that important, it save and traditional 🙂

After fishing, we’re having lunch at Kalimantan restaurant , with their delicious BBQ “Siluriformes” Catfish . Nyuuuum..

Happy holiday!

..:: diah Re ::..

  1. ini alamat lengkapnya dimana di? jauh ga dari jakarta? keliatannya tempatnya enak deh.. pengen ngajakin bapakku mancing di daerah deket2 sini. dia hobi mancing soalnyaa.. ^^

  2. Dian, waaah.. yuks mancing bareng 🙂
    Ajak2 kita ya!

    Ini di pasir mukti, alamat lengkapnya :
    Kebun Wisata Pasirmukti
    Jl. Raya Tajur Pasirmukti km. 4
    Citeureup – Bogor
    Tel. (021) 8794 3864 / 65, Fax. (021) 8794 3866

    Kita kemaren sih exit toll citereup, yg toll arah bogor itu lho dia, jadi setelah exit gunung putri, maju lagi.
    Lumayan tempatnya, kolamnya sih sebenernya ada 4, tapi kemararen cuma bisa 2 kolam, karena yg 1 masih pembibitan plus satu lagi dikuras.

    Enaknya sih kalo bosen bisa maen ke outbondnya 😀 eh ada lho dibelakang Wisma Aldiron pancoran, tempat mancing, lumayan bagus tempatnya. tapi cuman ada ikan mas doank, Kiloan 30rb per kilo, kalo ga yg harian 30rb, beda kolam tapi 😀

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