End of year school Party

It’s the time when all Parents will be emotional. Seeing their lovely child graduate. After 2 year before, at Graduation party, adib just stand on the stage and didn’t sing or dance, but at this year, He changes! He sing out loud and Dance. So proud of you always 🙂

Before all of us going to school, i made this simple breakfast, sushi! Yup, for me, it’s a simple meal. Just prepare the cheesy shrimp wrap with Nori and rice, spread it over with melted cheese and burn with blowtorch.

For adib school meal, using ice mold, I made rice filled cheesy shrimp, chocolate bars and some oranges.

All of our pray for you adib, Bismillah, Start your second grade Kindegarten on next july. Hope you enjoy your last year  🙂

..:: diah Re ::..

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