Our new hobby :)

Every holiday are the day that we’ve been waiting for, as we have new hobby to fill the day, Fishing! Actually, it’s what Ayah love before, but never introduce to me & adib, so when He feels that adib’s age is enough to understand how to do fishing, so Ayah tried to teach adib.

It’s our second time fishing together and third time for Ayah and adib. At first time, adib not enjoy it, so when we try for the second time, adib asking to try it, as i post before, and now this is our third time, and he love it! 🙂

On our third fishing time, Adib still have to go to school, He bring this simple bread sandwich, filled with Strawberry jam, Chocolate bar and Pomegranate-Orange jelly. After school, we picked him.

For lunch, i bring beef rice shape on ice mold and Pomegranate-Orange jelly also shape on ice mold. But unfortunatelly  ,Adib didn’t want to eat his stock, He join us eating at Belanova Sentul,Bogor.

Our new place to try called “Fishing valley”, it’s closer than before at Pasir mukti, and also enjoyable & beautiful .One thing i love most is they have restaurant on it! So we can fishing and order some snack ,drink or food.

Look what Adib and ayah got after 2 hour fishing, they catch 6 big fishes with average 3 Kilograms .At the second fish, Ayah got bite! Hahahaha 😀 Still the same fish as before on Pasir mukti, but in Fishing valley, it was bigger.

Actually i hate to clean all fish that we catch, it was sticky and stink ,but i have to. To make me easy, i only cut it into fillet. And easily fried it with simple spices. Just marinated the fish fillet into finely chop garlic,salt and white pepper. And dip in egg and coat with all purpose flour, salt and pepper. Then fried with small amount of vegetable oil. Add tomato sauce or potato chip when it serve.

Ups, just for fun, Last week, i meet a wonderfull person, she’s the owner of NCC mailing list, inspire person ever!

..:: diah Re ::..

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