Banana Roll

This is our weekend projecct, since i already promised to Adib a week before. When i told this to one of my friend at the office ,  Putri Ika , she would like to join us. So it was a triple baking date 😀

AS what adib requested before, he want a roll cake and taste banana, hmmmm… I was so lucky, one of person i adore much has post a new recipe, it’s banana and it’s roll! Thank you bu Fat for sharing us, it was so Nyum!

Banana Roll
by Fatmah Bahalwan

Ingredients A:
4 eggs
80gr Palm sugar
20 gr Brown sugar
1 tbs cake emulsifier

Ingredients B:
80gr Low protein flour
20gr milk powder
10gr corn flour

Ingredients C:
50gr unsalted butter, melted
1 Banana. meshed

Ingredients D:
Chocolate spread

How to :
1. Mix Ingredients A in a large bowl until fluffy & soft peak, add Ingredients B and C, Combine well.
2. Bake in 20x30x4cm tray with a percament paper and spread with butter for 15-20 minutes on 200dC.
3. Immediately pull out the cake and cool for 5 minutes. Reverse cake , and spread the jam, quickly roll the cake and hold tight before slice it.

We’re making double for this recipe, Don’t forget to ask your kid, even it will make a big mess, but it worth to try 🙂 . I make two version, one recipe filled with Blueberry jam and the other filled with Nutella jam sprinkle with chocolate rice.

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