Apple chocolate cupcake for Ayah’s Birthday

Actually this cute pinky cupcake is just to make ayah happy for what I’ve done. Being forget of your hubby‘s birthday isn’t something funny 😀 Yup, that’s what I’ve did this year!

I already remember since last of June that at the beginning of July , it will be a big day for ayah, but, heloooooo.. This is what make me forget to update this blog also, I’m too busy for my work, my real work at office, Which sometimes, I bring it to home. It makes me stress-full, forget everything, losing my weigh *hey, this make me happy :D* plus making my emotion up side down just like an upside down pineapple cake 😀

Three days before ayah’s birthday, He asked us to join his office gathering at Anyer. We’ll going to the beach! Yeay…!

Arrived at anyer just perfect at 4 PM, Great time for playing since not too hot to enjoy the beach, We stay at beach home and it have a private beach, beautiful. Adib straight away to the beach and asked for him sand castle tools.

Me? Just watching adib, since I’m only bring one swim suit, Not like Ayah & adib  bring two pieces of swim suit. So i prefer to play on the next morning.

What I love most is watching the sunset, It really beautiful, relaxing moment.

The next morning, can’t take picture more, because it’s my beach time 🙂

Hey, enough with the beach! Back to what I’ve forgot about ayah’s birthday. Anyer and work make me forgot about it. It was July 4th (not America’s independence day :p ) , I just remember after work, when taking a bath! Silly wife 😀

With those silly things, Ayah still asked us to have dinner outside, then Sushi still be our choice 🙂 Happy birthday Ayah, Love you more & more :*

And this weekend, i make this pink cupcake, this is what Adib’s requested. He wants something with strawberry flavor.
Got the recipe from Peni Respati’s book.

150gr All purpose flour
75gr Corn Flour
1tsp Baking soda
1tsp Baking Powder
100gr caster sugar
4 eggs
150gr unsalted butter
200gr chocolate, any flavor you like.

How to:
1. Combine dry ingredients, flour, corn flour, baking soda, baking powder and sugar, make a hole on the centre.
2. Melted the butter and add chocolate, mix well.
3. Pour the melted chocolate-butter into the dry ingredients, mix well. Add eggs, mix with wooden spoon.
4. Pour batter into cupcake, and bake at 150dC for 30 minutes.

Ready to decorate, I’m using Cream mixed with Strawberry jam. You can used another topping you love to 🙂

..:: diah Re ::..

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