Chocolate cup with Sweet potato Cream

No idea what will i make for adib’s snack today. But when i look those “forgettable” chocolate. I think i can make something easy.

After Sahur , morning meal time before fasting time, I preparing for breakfast and lunch plus snack. Because today I will come early, morning meeting.

Dark chocolate bars, grated & melted
2 pieces of sweet potato, slice.
1 egg yolk
2 tsp granulated sugar
100ml plain milk

1. Prepare chocolate cups. Melted chocolate and grease at the silicon muffin, or you can use paper cup. But i prefer silicon cup because it easier to release the chocolate after refrigerated.
2. Boil sweet potato until soft and easy to refined.
3. Mix sweet potato , egg yolk, sugar and milk. Bring to boil until not stick on the pan. Let it cold.
4. Pour sweet potato cream with piping bag onto chocolate cup.

And my little helper really enjoying his new cupcake 🙂 He think he made cupcakes, but the simplest one, without baking and He can eat all of those thing include the cup.

Anyway, did you notice the “things” behind the chocolate cup ? The Orange one .  It’s our favorite meal ever 🙂 Orange frozen juice pop. Adib can eat 5-7 pops per day.  Fresh orange only!

And For adib’s school snack, The chocolate cup’s friend are Bread Fritata and Orange slice. Can’t wait to hear his story about this cute meal box and of course about what he’s doing at school & home today. Love you son :*

..:: diah Re ::..

  1. These sound very interesting. I would never have thought of doing this. Looks like a great snack.

    • Hi.. frugalfeeding
      Thank you 🙂 It can be filled with cold ganache or any cream you love.
      Anyway, you have a beautiful blog also.

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