Happy Fasting!

Entering the holy month for Muslim, Still with the same things to do only We have to do fasting for almost a month to prepare the glory day, The Ramadan day.

First 3 days, adib have school break, so i don’t prepare anything for school 🙂 Just for breakfast and lunch.

And at Thursday, adib get to school, I prepared Squid cooked on Teriyaki sauce and Butter fried rice  with scramble eggs .

For butter fried rice, it’s simple fried rice ever, not like Indonesian fried rice with a lot of spices, this kind of rice only use garlic then fried with butter. Add some scramble eggs , shrimp and grated carrot. Ready for adib’s breakfast 🙂

For school, I take one pieces of squid and filled with Butter fried rice, add some grated mozzarella on top and burn it with blow torch. Cute one!

The next day, I make pancake, but this time, i make 2 version, Vanilla and beet version. For Recipe, you can find on my Favorite pancake entry here . And for beet version, change Half milk with Beet root juice.

..:: diah Re ::..

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