School snacks marathon

Yup, as the title said so. This entry was for adib’s school snack. I think this is my super duper lazy week. As what i made only simple things. It’s really a hard week and will be harder for next.

My work at the office really  have almost 70% of my concern nowadays. Doesn’t mean i forgot to play or preparing adib’s meal. Less sleep & less eat that what happened. And one thing I love that I’m losing my 5 Kg of weight 😀

Monday , 25 July , Preparing a box with 2 slices of egg tart, Some sandwich with strawberry jam and Few Red Grapes . Don’t ever think that those egg tarts are made by me, Nope! I bought it a day ahead 😀

Tuesday, Still simple and easy thing to do. I made a Banana pastry by using instant puff pastry. Just roll the dough and filled with slice of banana, cheese and Rice chocolate sprinkle with some sugar then brush the top with egg yolk before bake 🙂

Forgot to take any pic for wednesday, but for Thursday  as the fruit day, there are Black sweet grape plus Kiwi and 3 slice Sweet bread that a bought before 😀 Still the simplest box 🙂

And then, Come when Friday! I bring some Ball of rice filled with fried fish and some black grape.

Something surprising happen at this friday morning, suddenly Ayah open the door while Adib & I were still sleeping, He bring a big cheesecake, blueberry cheese cake that from my favorite bakery . Yum yum Yummmy 🙂 Thank you Ayah, for remembering my birthday, because i forgot of this day 😀

..:: diah Re ::..

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