On our holiday

Hello all 🙂
Great to be back, or great to update my blog 😀

After our Eid Mubarak holiday plus having trouble to find the one who will take care adib while Me and ayah worked. Alhamdulillah after 2 weeks without any one help at home, mbak dewi came back and able to take care adib again, yeay!

Before we went to our parent’s house, we are having break fasting with my big brother and sisters at Kiyadon, pasific Palace. Adib went to Kidzania before it.

At Eid Mubarak holiday, we went, of course to my mom’s house at Madura for a week, spend a great time there. Having a lot of me time there since my parents willing to take care adib while we were there 😛 Enjoying my mom’s great dish, really what an enjoying momment ever!

Going to Yogja, meet the whole Big Madura’s family. So much fun even for 3 days only at Yogja.

Then to mom in law’s house at Gresik. Spend another week there. Going to the Zoo, named Taman safari Prigen, Having a great culinary experience such Nasi krawu, fried duck, Rujak Cingur (kind of salad with shrimp paste) and of course, fishing!

We have total 3 weeks on our holday spend with our big Family. Alhamdulillah, thank God, we really enjoyed our holiday, only 3 of us 🙂

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