Ready for Sport & Art Festival

Got called by Adib’s teacher that He was choosen by his school to be the represent of Yearly Nasional festival about sport & art, we called it PorSeni – Pekan Olahraga dan seni.

I’m prepare everything on balls :p It’s all about what he love, meat balls, baby potato stir with smooked beef, mini sweet potato balls , berries and grapes. But…. all of it was not eaten by Adib, since He got a pack of snack filled with Crispy chicken, so He choose it than what I’ve made. It wasn’t dissapointed me, because He eat his homemade snack soon after arrived at home 🙂

Meat balls, just like what I’ve made for Spagetti Aglio Olio with meat balls. Just mixed finely chopped Garlic, salt, pepper, mince beef,egg, flour and milk.

For stir Baby potato, I only stir-fry Onion with smooked beef then add Baby potato that already steamed before, add salt and pepper.

Mini sweet potato balls, Mixed sweet potato that already steam before then add egg, flour and sugar, filled with rice chocolate and shape on a ball before fried it.

..:: diah Re ::..

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