One recipe for different taste of muffin!

Been a while not updating this blog, Getting busy at the new office, make me need some  adjusment at the morning. But, Alhamdulillah, my mom came because she missed Adib, and because adib on his school holiday. I got my precious “me time” for 2 months 🙂 Ibu help me in the kitchen.

Adib has got addicted with muffin lately, He love muffin so much! each time He woke up early, He asked to make Muffin together. It’s all because, His favorite tv program “I can Cook” on cbeebies. The Full history, you can read here 🙂

For a momment, I forgot the recipe of this muffin. It’s all because this picture already in my albums since 2 months ago :p

First muffien series, will post the recipes latter, Make one kind of batter for 3 kind of different muffin filling and crumble topping

Second muffin, using yogurt make it much moist, one batter for two kind muffin

..:: diah Re ::..

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