Two times Camping for Long weekend

There were  holiday on Friday, two times in a month, so we can get 3 days off.  Plan our holiday for Camping at 1st night and Hotel for second night, just 3 of us.

This is 1st time experience for Adib, having a camp. He so enjoy it! Sleep at the tend in the outdoor, warming with fire camp and mountain trip.

First we think that Adib will be so crancky for his mountain trip, since he had to walk for 4-5Km to the big waterfall at the mountain, it was not an easy route for a 6 years old child, but we were wrong! He enjoy it so much 🙂 He’s enjoy every step to see the waterfall, We so proude of you buddy 🙂

For the view, can say much more, Allah create such a wonderful green World! Let’s take a pic’s tour.

Second night, we move to other place, a lake resort. Just an ordinary resort, Lido resort. Floating boat for lunch ,Having swim at swimming pool and outbond at the lake. And just want to share how brave is Adib accross the lake with flying fox! It was an adult flying fox, higher than before.

Ups… sorry for not soo short holiday review :p

After holiday, finally, it can boost my mood to make a layer cake that I’ve been plan a few week before.I just want to make a simple layer cake, at the begining I want to make 14th layer cake, but since I’m not in my mood to make that many layers, so make only 4 layer of Banana carrot cake.

Still with my simple but delicous cake recipe that I used for Adib’s birthday, And my little buddy help me to make his favourite one 🙂 He asked for more, when the cake already set up! Love the mascarpone frosting, love love love it! The best frosting I ever taste :p

And for the second Long weekend, we have another Camp, yups… My boys asked again for camp and they want for 2 night!  Let’s camping 🙂 But this time, My whole big fams want to join us, with my big brother and sisters. Not take any picture, since it will be the same view :p

..:: diah Re ::..

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