Custard Chocochips cupcake

Find an old experiment’s picture, I hope this one will boost my mood to make another one. Actually last weekend, Adib asked me to make cake and Nugget. But … still with old same reason, Not enough time plus the most important is MOOD!

This moist and soft cupcake was different with the other chocochips cupcake, Hope you will love the texture, because I do love this one 🙂

Custard chocohips cupcake

50gr corn flour
3tbs chocolate powder
10gr sugar
225ml chocolate milk
75gr unsalted butter
75ml vegetable oil
2tsp vanilla powder
2 large eggs
125gr sugar
125gr All purpose flour
2tbs Baking powder
125gr chocohips

How to:
1. Mix corn flour, sugar , chocolate powder and milk, stir first until all well mixed, then put in a low heat, stir until batter become stink and creamy.

2. Turn the heat off, add butter,oil and vanilla powder, mix

3. Add eggs one at a time and mix until dissolve, add sugar, flour and baking powder, well combine. Add chocohips.

4. Pour into muffin cup and bake at 180dC for 25minutes

5. Add Hazelnut jam or other topping you like.

For note , you can change chocohips with cheese or fruit, but don’t forget to change any flavor of chocolate milk, and you can change chocolate powder with milk powder. Simple cupcake for Kids.


..:: diah Re ::..

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