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Happy Eid Mubarak 1432H


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Chocolate cup with Sweet potato Cream

No idea what will i make for adib’s snack today. But when i look those “forgettable” chocolate. I think i can make something easy.

After Sahur , morning meal time before fasting time, I preparing for breakfast and lunch plus snack. Because today I will come early, morning meeting.

Dark chocolate bars, grated & melted
2 pieces of sweet potato, slice.
1 egg yolk
2 tsp granulated sugar
100ml plain milk

1. Prepare chocolate cups. Melted chocolate and grease at the silicon muffin, or you can use paper cup. But i prefer silicon cup because it easier to release the chocolate after refrigerated.
2. Boil sweet potato until soft and easy to refined.
3. Mix sweet potato , egg yolk, sugar and milk. Bring to boil until not stick on the pan. Let it cold.
4. Pour sweet potato cream with piping bag onto chocolate cup.

And my little helper really enjoying his new cupcake 🙂 He think he made cupcakes, but the simplest one, without baking and He can eat all of those thing include the cup.

Anyway, did you notice the “things” behind the chocolate cup ? The Orange one .  It’s our favorite meal ever 🙂 Orange frozen juice pop. Adib can eat 5-7 pops per day.  Fresh orange only!

And For adib’s school snack, The chocolate cup’s friend are Bread Fritata and Orange slice. Can’t wait to hear his story about this cute meal box and of course about what he’s doing at school & home today. Love you son :*

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Molten chocolate cake

It’s already a week fasting 🙂 And this weekend, I prepared this lovely sweet cake. Different version with what I already made before, You can find here.

Got this version recipe from Joy of baking  . It’s very simple with a great taste.

1/2 cup unsalted butter
179gr bittersweet chocolate, chopped
3 large eggs, separated the white form yolk.
1/3 cup granulated sugar
1 tsb sugar

1. Prepare the molds or ramekins or muffin cup and generously butter and dust with sugar.
2. In a double boiler, Melt butter and chocolate. Remove from heat.
3. Beat yolk and 1/3 cup of sugar until thick, pale and fluffy, add melted chocolate & butter.
4. In another clean bowl, whisk egg white with 1 spoon of sugar until soft peak. Gradually add and gently fold the beaten egg whites on chocolate batter, Do not over mix.
5. Pour into each cups and bake at 200dC for 15 minutes. If you want to bake several hour ahead of time, you can cover each cup with plastic wrap and refrigerate it.

Serve with Cream or best with Ice cream. It’s really the best meal to break fasting 🙂

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Egg tart

This recipe already on my note list to make. But always forgot. Finally, I made it!

200ml Plain milk
40ml Orange Juice
70gr granulated sugar
3 eggs
Instan puff pastry

1. Dissolve sugar in hot milk , let it cool and add orange juice.
2. Gently stir eggs and add milk mixture, Sift twice, set aside.
3. Cut puff pastry and arrange on muffin tray.
4. Pour egg custart onto puff pastry and bake at 180dC for 35 minutes.

I got the recipe from Nasi Lemak , and modified the recipes. I think, better use Lemon than orange for flavor the custard. But hey, this one is more than enough for first trial 🙂

For adib’s snack at school, I put this egg tarts side by side with Aglio Olio Spagetti and orange.

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Happy Fasting!

Entering the holy month for Muslim, Still with the same things to do only We have to do fasting for almost a month to prepare the glory day, The Ramadan day.

First 3 days, adib have school break, so i don’t prepare anything for school 🙂 Just for breakfast and lunch.

And at Thursday, adib get to school, I prepared Squid cooked on Teriyaki sauce and Butter fried rice  with scramble eggs .

For butter fried rice, it’s simple fried rice ever, not like Indonesian fried rice with a lot of spices, this kind of rice only use garlic then fried with butter. Add some scramble eggs , shrimp and grated carrot. Ready for adib’s breakfast 🙂

For school, I take one pieces of squid and filled with Butter fried rice, add some grated mozzarella on top and burn it with blow torch. Cute one!

The next day, I make pancake, but this time, i make 2 version, Vanilla and beet version. For Recipe, you can find on my Favorite pancake entry here . And for beet version, change Half milk with Beet root juice.

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School snacks marathon

Yup, as the title said so. This entry was for adib’s school snack. I think this is my super duper lazy week. As what i made only simple things. It’s really a hard week and will be harder for next.

My work at the office really  have almost 70% of my concern nowadays. Doesn’t mean i forgot to play or preparing adib’s meal. Less sleep & less eat that what happened. And one thing I love that I’m losing my 5 Kg of weight 😀

Monday , 25 July , Preparing a box with 2 slices of egg tart, Some sandwich with strawberry jam and Few Red Grapes . Don’t ever think that those egg tarts are made by me, Nope! I bought it a day ahead 😀

Tuesday, Still simple and easy thing to do. I made a Banana pastry by using instant puff pastry. Just roll the dough and filled with slice of banana, cheese and Rice chocolate sprinkle with some sugar then brush the top with egg yolk before bake 🙂

Forgot to take any pic for wednesday, but for Thursday  as the fruit day, there are Black sweet grape plus Kiwi and 3 slice Sweet bread that a bought before 😀 Still the simplest box 🙂

And then, Come when Friday! I bring some Ball of rice filled with fried fish and some black grape.

Something surprising happen at this friday morning, suddenly Ayah open the door while Adib & I were still sleeping, He bring a big cheesecake, blueberry cheese cake that from my favorite bakery . Yum yum Yummmy 🙂 Thank you Ayah, for remembering my birthday, because i forgot of this day 😀

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Cheesy Pizza

It’s almost 3 weeks, I put some pictures on my file. To busy to update on the blog, but hey, this lazy sunday at home really help.

Let’s start from 3 weeks ago, try to remember what happened 😀

For monday edition, i make Cheesy pizza. It’s really easy thing to make in the morning. Just prepare the pizza dough, and leave it to improve while cooking for adib’s breakfast and lunch.

Pizza Dough

250gr Flour
125ml Warm water
1 tbs vegetable oil
5gr Instant yeast
Sugar & Salt for seasoning

Mix all the ingredients  until not stick on your hand ,Cover with plastic wrap and  let it improve for 30 minutes. Roll as tin as you want before use.

For topping, I used only mozzarella  cheese, but spread the tomato ketchup sauce . And it will ready to bake for 10 minutes on 180dC.

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